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Sat Jan 16 2021 
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> Spring & Summer is Here...Time to Exercise
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Spring & Summer is Here......Time to Exercise
Spring & Summer is Here...Time to Exercise

Now that the terrible winter for over 30 years of snow, biting winds and freezing conditions that brought misery to us all has long gone, we can all look forward to a spring and summer that will bring us all the pleasures of warmer weather and the joy of the seasons in the magnificent beauty of the county of Kent, in all it's colourful and spectacular glory...The Garden of England!!!

With the excesses of Christmas long gone, accompanied by the over indulgence of eating and drinking, it may be time to consider the joy of exercising and losing some of those extra pounds, get fit, feel good and enjoy life!

Many have turned their attentions to the importance of exercising, whether it be by walking, cycling, running, football and rugby, jogging, swimming, in fact whatever takes each and everyones fancy and delight. But now is the time to make your mind up and to get out and enjoy the new seasons that the weather will be soon offering us all.

Spring & Summer is Here...Time to Exercise
Spring & Summer is Here...Time to Exercise

Health clubs are springing up all across the region, even many golf clubs now have exercise and weight training rooms devoted to the mass of people who are determined to get fit... heaving weights above your head, running along a rolling road that never stops, seeing only the screen in front of you...whatever you prefer if you want to do it like this?

But there is a fantastic amount of different forms of pleasure and exercise out there to find, with a massive amount sport clubs and individual pursuits that can give each and every one of us the delights of enjoying our time and efforts in a healthier and wiser way, that will certainly benefit our well-being and health, not only now but in the years to come.

If mountain biking is your passion there are many specially designed areas that cater for the ardent biker, where he or she can take to the tracks and forests, woods and hills in Kent and enjoy the excitement of speed, get the heart pumping and the adrenalin flowing through the veins, as you test out your own skills with speed and precision as you contemplate the twists and bends, hills and dips at your own pace and leisure.

Should a more quiet pace of sport be your passion, then a season playing golf will certainly give you the exercise you need.The excitement of testing out your swing, chip and putting, and by getting your par down lower than what it was the year before.

Also you have the benefits of the thousands of yards of the golf course itself to walk in the beautiful surroundings of the Kent countryside to enjoy, this will invigorate you as you find great pleasure in this type of exercise.This is a must for those who havent tried it, and a certainty to those who have, also if you should be that lucky then a...a hole in one will drive you on to a greater player than you could ever have imagined!     

Perhaps any of these types of a work-out or exercise are not suited to you, whether it is weight-training, mountain biking, golf, swimming, or it's an excess of too much strain on your body, then the joy of the the old fashioned walk along the byways and public footpaths of Kent may be the ideal tonic and booster that you need to get fit.

The rolling countryside of Kent is ideal for those who can find the greatest pleasure in strolling along the ever green paths of this part of the country called the “Garden of England”, at their own pace and leisure.

There are undeniable beauty spots all along the Kent coast, especially along the magnificent cliffs and sea walks along the sandy beaches, there are old ruins to visit, old castles to see and beautiful gardens to visit, but most of all it is invigorating and exciting for those who can spare the time, and a beauty to behold, where the tranquility of the moment is captured by those who find the utmost delight and pleasure in this form of excellent exercise.

Why not take your camera and try out your skills at capturing the perfect photograph, or have a picnic on the cliffs of Kent, or in the lush green meadows, forests and parks in the warm summer sun, it's all there for us to enjoy.   

The many picturesque surrounding villages, lakes, and ponds are always found while walking along these country paths, with the many numerous amounts of wildlife and birds to be spotted along the way. For hundreds of years these paths have been trodden by our ancestors, paving the way for our pleasure and happiness today.

Literally thousands of “Happy Wanderers” take to the countryside every week-end, there to find the tranquil effects of well being and peace, under the blue skies of our “English Heaven”.

These countryside walks are becoming a favourite to thousands, because there are new friends to be made, where they willingly exchange and relate stories of times gone by, find adventure, laugh together, and enjoy the spectacular scenery that the countryside of Kent gives.

There are so many beautiful walks to be found wherever you look, places of interest, historical houses, wildlife parks, spectacular scenery, rolling hills, and meadows, in fact the countryside of Kent at peace, and "far from the madding crowd"...!!!

Along the many walking routes there are inns and pubs where one can stop and enjoy the old favourite “Ploughman's Lunch”and have a long awaited drink, sit in the sunshine, and while away the time with old friends and new acquaintances in joy and pleasure.

There are many organised walks that can be enjoyed by friends and family alike, it just takes the time and effort without the cost of anything, but to make a few sandwiches and drink for the picnic along the way.

Young and old find the greatest pleasure in these walks, there is a lot to share together, make it your special treat with family and friends and join the hundreds who also devote their time in enjoying the countryside of this beautiful county of...Kent.

Hundreds of these ramblers every week are without doubt enjoying not only their life walking along the byways and footpaths of Kent with all it has to offer, but losing those extra pounds, getting fit, and enjoying the countryside that Kent offers..and the best part of it, is that it's all...FREE...!!!

Spring & Summer is Here...Time to Exercise

There are many countryside walks available to those who wish to enjoy this form of excellent exercise and pleasure...See the "Garden of England"... by simply walking!

call 01732 227000 or log on to www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/healthwalks