Souls brothers
Thu Oct 01 2020 
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tunbridge wells town
The Soul Brothers - The ultimate sacrifice
Albert Souls
Frederick Souls 39
Walter Davis Souls 24
Alfred Ernest Souls 31
Arthur William Souls 31
Albert -
Age 20
Frederick -
Age 39
Walter Davis -
Age 24
Alfred Ernest -
Age 31
Arthur William -
Age 31
When the First World War broke in a frenzy of patriotism and fervour, the young boys of England rallied to the colours, they in every sense of the word were devoted to their duty to fight for King and Country.

From across the land in towns and villages they marched off to the recruiting offices to sign up, boys as young as 15 years of age faced the interview and blatantly lied about their age, desperate to join the fighting as hundreds of thousands joined up, they willingly signed away their young and precious lives on the dotted line and accepted the “Kings Shilling.

They were told that on their return they would Find a Land Built For Heroes this gave them even more encouragement to join up and fight, they were now all the more enthused by such words and prepared to carry out their duty as soldiers of the King!!!

From across the land they rallied...Pals Battalions from the North of England, literally dozens of boys from industrial areas all joined at one time, they in the innocence of youth were now on their way to fight the dreaded Hun in a foreign land.

As the time arrived for their sons to depart mothers stood on the doorsteps of their homes hugging their beloved sons with many tears and heartfelt sadness, telling them to be careful and come home soon. A last final kiss and a wave goodbye was all that they could offer each other, as their sons marched off down the road to an unknown future.
As the country prepared for war and the “boys of the land offered their souls as a sacrifice, for now they were kitted out, trained, and prepared to kill for what they were lead to believe was a cause for right and freedom.

The Generals of the commanding forces spoke words of Great Glory to the young recruits who stood to attention on row upon row, next to their friends, workmates, and brothers in arms, listening to the words of greater men than them that knew what the situation was, declaring that once every effort is made, then we shall win the war by Christmas.

Little did those of the thousands who stood side by side on that day to hear these words of a soon to be accomplished victory, realise by any sense of the imagination that they would very soon be lying dead in rows and rows, side by side.

From the small village of Great Rissington, Gloucestershire came the Heroism of five brothers who undeniably believed it their duty to sign up.

Others too from this small but insignificant village in England would also rally to the cause of freedom and join the five brothers, and participate in the war that was soon to become a reality and all of them would become Heroes.