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Thu Oct 01 2020 
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tunbridge wells town
My journey into the world of S.O.E.
There were so many acts of Heroism displayed during the Second World War, that each and every account deserves our attention and respect.
In every branch of the armed forces, and in all fields of combat, whether on land, in the air, or on the vastness of the oceans, men and women displayed unparalleled acts of courage. It would take inconceivable volumes of memoirs to describe and define each persons very own acts of bravery, not only in the military theatre of war, but in civilian life too.

Those, whose extreme bravery would forever engrave their names in the annals of history, the most Worthy Honour as …....Legends of Heroism!!!
There were those who so young, thought only of their duty to the country that bore them, and to their fellowman in distant lands, whom they had never even met!
They saw the freedom of Europe being swallowed up, and its peoples hounded, beaten, and humiliated by the onslaught of Nazi tyranny that rampaged across continents bringing only anguish, despair, and terror to its peoples and destruction to their beloved homelands.
Their belief in freedom bore deep into their hearts and inspired the very soul within them to acts of unparalleled courage and bravery.
Of, these persons I now have the privilege to write.

They are members of Special Operations Executive
" The S.O.E"
Women of  The Special Operations Executive.
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The Special Operations Executive.

For many in the S.O.E. Both men and women, they gave as mere mortals their most prized possession for the freedom of their fellowman, the ultimate sacrifice their own lives!!!
In the face of overwhelming odds, many, if not all were confronted by such fear and terror, that it demanded of them some form of superhuman strength and endurance. Every agent suffered the loneliness of being far from home and their loved ones, alone in an enemy occupied land, never knowing what the next few hours would bring. Meeting unknown contacts to pass on messages, not knowing if their cover had been blown, or if they were being followed.

The continual "Stop and Search" by the enemy to check that their papers and passes were in order, and praying that their accent would not give them away. Being out after curfew held it's own fears as the agents went to find "Post Boxes" to leave messages. The continuous anxiety in endeavouring to avoid capture at all costs, kept these most brave of agents fully aware continually of the fear of being in the "hands" of the Gestapo.
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