Lancaster Spec
Thu Oct 01 2020 
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tunbridge wells town
Aircraft Type: Bomber
Lancaster Bomber
Description Heavy bomber with a crew of 7/8
Structure All metal stressed-skin construction
Manufacturer AV Roe & Co ltd Manchester. Sub contracted by Armstrong Whitworth. Austin, Metropolitan-Vickers and Vickers Armstrong (Chester and Castle Bromwich
Powerplant: Four Rolls-Royce Merlin 20, 22 28 or 38
Max Speed (mph): 287 mph at 11,500
Cruising Speed (mph): 210 mph
Range : With 14,000 lb. Bomb load = 1,660 miles . With 22,000 lb bomb load = 1,040 miles
Service Ceiling : 24,500 ft
Wingspan 102 ft.
Wing Area: 1,297 sq ft
Length 69 ft. 6 ins
Height 20 ft 4 ins
Empty Weight 36,457 lb
Weight Loaded 70,000 lb with 22,000 bomb load
Gun Armament. Two 0.303 Browning machine guns in nose turret. Two in dorsal turret and four in tail turret. Bomb loads various up to max of one 22,000 lb or 12,000 lb. deep penetration bombs
V1 “Doodlebug”
The blast had removed several large areas of roof tiles, but more noticeable were the frail old leaded light windows, which had been blown in, then almost sucked out. I suppose it was the local council,       who came in a very short time and covered the openings with a heavy bitumised paper. After checking on the family I headed eagerly down to the wood.
A large area had been stripped clean and only the larger oaks albeit shaved of bark remained. The hot twisted wreckage lay a few feet from the crater, and I well remember pouring some warm water over it, and watching the steam rise.

In the following days we lost three or four cows due to a high tensile wire that was wound around the compressor of the V1, the explosion fragmented this, showering the grass for hundreds of yards with lethal short strands which were eaten by the poor unsuspecting beasts.