D Day June 6th 1944
Wed Sep 30 2020 
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tunbridge wells town
tunbridge wells town
D-Day the 65th Anniversary of ...
”The Great Crusade”.

Arromanches Beach and Mulberry Harbours

As the 65th Anniversary of D-Day approaches on 6th June, 2009, thousands of the older generation from across the world, will stand erect and full of pride that they took part in the “Great Crusade.
Those who fought on that victorious day will remember that time for many different reasons, but all will with modesty simply say, “We only done our duty.

Their duty as a soldier, airman, and sailor, in the battle won across the sea in Normandy, was fought by them with such Bravery and Courage, that by their own memorable actions they finally vanquished the enemy, knowing only too well that they had fought for the oppressed, and each one in his own way had won the “Battle for France” and gave the people its Freedom and Liberation!

Each one will have his own story to tell, of the events that made him the Hero that he was then, and as we remember him today. He will have fond memoires, treasured moments, and deep sadness.

Perhaps an account of a friend, mate, or buddy, who in the raging battle that ensued and through a hail of enemy machine-gun fire was rescued; others plunged into the freezing water from the landing craft then sank drowning with all the weight they carried, they too were saved; burning aircraft shot down, with each crew man trying to save the life of his friend; mortars exploding all around as men fell hit by shrapnel and severely wounded, were saved.

Moments such as these, and there are many of them, were to be honoured and treasured, as each one demonstrated their loyalty to each other, that each and every one of them, all went, well beyond the call of duty.

Of the times of such tragedy that many encountered, each man can only remember the horrors of what he saw. For those who were killed during the bitterness of battle, the “boys” who never came home, now lie in a Foreign Field, at rest under the clear blue skies of France. 

For those Heroes that are left today, they have their own precious thoughts, deepest memoires, and sadness of friends, mates, and buddies, which will always be with them, to remember them by.

The plan of conquering Europe was shrouded as top-secret, all the forces including the U.S.A. were involved, their only chance, and very possibly there one and only last chance to defeat Hitler, would have to take the utmost priority, and the planning went into operation.
Pointe du Hoc
Pointe du Hoc Fortress Europe
The secret was unknown to nearly everyone, but those with hindsight knew full well that the second front was about to take place, orders were given many months before to prepare for this oncoming storming of “Fortress Europe.
It was to be a day that would find, either the world Liberated from Hitler's regime forever, or suffer under the jackboot of terror.
Without doubt England would have been on Hitler's agenda after his hoped for conquest of Russia in...”Operation Barbarossa.

With Denmark, Holland, Belgium, and France falling under the Nazi reign of terror in a matter of months, if not weeks, the whole continent of Europe was then condemned to the horrendous onslaught of barbarity and brutality that was to befall them.

England, this tiny island, stood alone in the darkest days of the Second World War, it was our Home, our  Democracy, our Freedom, which was ever present from those that were intent to oppress us and dominate this...our island sanctuary.