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Sun Sep 27 2020 
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Kent Reg Marchant Update - May 2009 Kent

From across the country there have been men and women of all ages, who are all unsung “Heroes” of the land. In their own selflessness and firm belief in what they can do, they are convinced that they have the inner strength and ability to help others.

For many years now, we have witnessed incredible events that these marvellous individuals have faced, participated in, and achieved, with strength of character, self-determination, and sheer guts...!!!


Every day they have to bravely faced their own disabilities that most of us, seem to take for granted, and try to win their own battle against the odds of what they face.


A lifetime adventure on his mobility scooter

But these ones have pushed aside the very boundaries of their own suffering and pain, to give to others “who they feel deserve more than themselves” every determined effort to make life more pleasant for those who are less fortunate than they are...what an amazing and motivating force this has been to them.


When others believed that their time had come to live with their injuries, infirmity's, and disability's, suffer the pain, and let life pass them by...they have stepped forward, accepted the task and bravely faced the rigours of training, to be a shining example to all of us.

Every year we see the most spectacular efforts made by those of all ages enter the London Marathon, many if not all are running for every single worthy cause to the benefit of others, who are most certainly not so fortunate as themselves, they in their own right are the “Heroes” of the country, and we are proud of them all.


It is not only the fit and healthy, but those confined to wheelchairs, who struggle along, every long strenuous mile to accomplish their dream, their goal, and succeed with glory.


Many single individuals have come forward, with the sincere intention of benefiting the charities that they are so prepared to suffer the pain, the agony, and fight for, until they have reached their own personal goal and achievement.


A local “Hero” from Edenbridge, in Kent, is also one of many incredible and brave individuals over the years, who has stepped forward, taking on an unbelievable journey of hardship and personal victory, for he has decided that he will not sit back and enjoy his retirement, for Reg Marchant has his own personal goals, and a lifetimes ambition to help and support two of his own charities that are to him...very worthy causes, and in need of help.


One of his faithful patrons is Ken Hames, who is giving Reg all his support, they will meet at the “Beyond the Boundaries” exhibition at Farnborough on July 4th and 5th, to generate some support for his journey.


Reg is also holding many planned events so that he can raise the necessary funds to assist him on his trip.

Reg has been updating the events, since he planned this trip, that will take him on his epic journey around the coast of Britain next year, when he reaches his 65th birthday...What an effort and spectacular achievement this will be for Reg, and those that have the generosity and kindness to sponsor him with any amount that can be given.


Reg is desperately looking for a scooter manufacturer, a major backer, who can supply him with the means of transport that will withstand the strenuous journey of over 5, 500 miles, on a scooter that will assist him in completing this, his epic journey of a lifetime.


The British have always been respected, and are known to be very generous in helping financially in such worthy causes, for Reg to complete this incredible task...He Needs Your Help.


Please read his story, and if you can in any way possible assist Reg, then your generosity will...Not be Forgotten.


As he unbelievably takes on this an incredible task...


His Own Personal Journey of a Lifetime...Thankyou.!!!