Litter Louts
Fri Aug 14 2020 
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Help us tackle car litter louts


Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and Councils across Kent have joined forces with the Keep Britain Tidy campaign to put the brakes on littering motorists. The Council's are taking part in a hard-hitting national campaign to tackle the problem of drivers throwing rubbish from their vehicles. This deplorable habit has certainly got local residents across the towns of Kent furious at those who continue to blight towns, villages and the countryside by throwing their waste out of their moving vehicles.

Help us tackle car litter louts

There have been many reports of drivers avoiding not only injury, but a serious collision by those who have deliberately thrown out of their car, van and lorry windows, items such as plastic bottles, empty bags full of take-away food cartons, drink containers, emptying cigarette ashtrays, dustbin bags, a complete assortment of rubbish thrown onto the roads of Kent, by those who show no consideration for others and those who certainly have no feeling for other road users. Their deplorable actions can and have caused serious road accidents throughout the county.

Many of these deliberate actions can be seen by the vast amount of dustbin bags and rubbish scattered all along many roads in Kent, whether deep in the countryside or even in towns, this action will certainly be stopped and can be assisted by those who see such actions taking place and getting the registration number of the vehicle and reporting it to the police. 

The Highways Agency estimates that 700,000 bags of rubbish are collected from motorways and trunk roads every year. Throwing litter from a car is disgusting and turns our roadsides into a dumping ground for fast food litter, cigarette stubs, drinks cartons and apple cores.  Nearly a quarter of people (23%) admit to dropping litter from their vehicle, according to latest Keep Britain Tidy research. 

A month long campaign will see posters going up in and around the Borough of Tunbridge Wells which remind motorists of their responsibilities.

People will also be asked to report incidents of littering from vehicles on the Keep Britain Tidy website

This information will go on a database and used to analyse trends in littering from vehicles.

Cllr Paul Barrington-King, Portfolio Holder for Sustainability, said:

‘Within the Borough of Tunbridge Wells we are encouraging people to Love Where We Live and hope that they embrace this concept even when they are in their vehicles. A vehicle might allow a person to move quickly away from the area where they have dropped litter but the legacy of their action doesn’t go away. In the end it is all of us who will be affected. We want people to act now to tackle roadside littering.’

Phil Barton, Keep Britain Tidy chief executive, said:

‘Dropping litter from a car is disgusting and makes our roadsides look like a dumping ground. We want to encourage motorists and their passengers to take their litter home rather than hurling it on our roads.’

This is a clear signal to those who do and continue to throw rubbish from their vehicles.

It will NOT be tolerated any longer.
Heavy fines are in placefor those who are seen and caught in these acts of deliberately throwing rubbish from any vehicle onto the roads of Kent.

Keep the County of Kent Clean...Please Remember it is... "The Garden of England"