Fire Brigade

Sat Jan 16 2021 
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Would a fire engine be able to drive down your road in an emergency?
Kent’s firefighters are urging people to think before they park and consider whether a fire engine would be able to get to your home in an emergency?
One such serious fire incident, where two fire engines were on the scene within minutes, but had difficulty accessing the road due to inconsiderate parking in the area.
Crew manager from a Kent Fire Station, said: “We know sometimes space can be limited but please try and leave enough room for us and other emergency services to get past. In some of the narrower side streets we find vehicles are parked on junctions, making it impossible for our fire engines to turn. Fire engines are wide and need more space than you might think. Parking on a junction or a bend may stop us getting to where we’re needed at a time when every second counts and we struggle to drive down certain roads if vehicles are not parked appropriately. Please park close to the curb and straighten the wheels of your vehicle, it can make a big difference.”
Please give every consideration to your parking for the Fire & Rescue teams in Kent …It Could Be YOUR House on Fire!!!