Dog Knapping
Fri Aug 14 2020 
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BEWARE...Dog - Knapping in Kent is on the Increase!


Britain has always been known as a nation of pet lovers, and without question we all love our pets, but in the last few months the kidnapping of "man's best friend"  - dogs - is becoming an alarming problem for their owners.

It has been prevelent for a long time all over the UK, but according to recent statistics on the BBC Inside Out programme, Kent and the South-East has now become a target for these despicable dog thieves.

It is estimated that about 1 in 5 dogs are now stolen in this area of the UK.

Dogs are mainly friendly animals that succumb easily to a pat on the head or a simple stroke and understand the friendly approach made by anyone, hence they are easy to take away!


BEWARE...Dog - Knapping in Kent is on the Increase!

The main motive is that thieves can obtain a reward from the owners, with many hundreds of pounds in cash being exchanged, so that the owner can have his beloved pet returned, their joy is beyond the price paid, some well in excess at times of thousands of pounds for the return of their animal is willingly given. 

One U.K. website which has a fantastic rate of retreiving stolen dogs, has indicated that the sums of ransom money paid by owners desperate to get their precious dog back, has been as high as £10, 000!!!

Many elderly people who have a dog for a pet, who rely solely on them for company, and to get out in the fresh air to take them for walks are also targets by the "dog-knappers", the unscrupulous invitation to steal them for profit and hide them away until the owner in desperation to have them found and returned goes into action.

Many shops, cafe's, supermarkets and pubs now forbid taking dogs into their premises, so the owner has no alternative but to tie the dog up outside, this is where the thief takes the opportunity, and in seconds the dog is stolen, to the utter disbelief and anxiety of the owner on finding that his pet has "Gone".

With their dog missing, many resort to having posters printed with a photograph and all their pets full details added, also the owners contact phone number, and of course the amount of "reward money" offered, in what they are prepared to pay to have their beloved pet returned!

They then spend hours stapling or pasting them on telegraph poles or put in shop windows in their town, in a hope that someone has either spotted it or knows it's where abouts. The then despicable thieves turn-up on the owners doorstep with the usual excuse that they have found their dog, with the owner being ecstatic at this revelation of their pet has been being found willingly parts with the reward money offered - the alternative is "Pay-up or no dog"!

There are no rules to this type of despicable action - only that if you have the opportunity to have your dog "chipped" then you can therefore track where it is.

Vets in your area can do this, or there are mobile vets that will come to your home for a very reasonable fee of about £20, to have this invaluable aid fitted, then you will have your pet on a national register, where on their website on the internet you can hopefully find it's where abouts via the tracking device that is chipped on the dog.

If you love your dog, as you surely do, then the money spent to have it "chipped" is well worth all the anxiety that you, your family, especially the children suffer when you "Beloved Dog" is stolen!


Contact your local vet in your area for this procedure. If you cannot take your dog to the vets due to transport problems then contact a mobile vet who will be pleased to come to your home.


Kent Police have kindly advised that owners of dogs please visit the website - where you can speak to Jayne Hayes the founder of this fantastic website, where many thousands of "stolen" dogs all over the UK every year are found and returned to their delighted owners - It is free to register and has a national database where you can hopefully find your "beloved dog" that has been stolen - and returned to you!