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Sat Jan 16 2021 
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Thieves Target Domestic Fuel Tanks.

Thieves have been stealing oil from domestic fuel tanks from homes, farms and churches in Kent, Surrey and Sussex within the last few weeks, all have had their heating fuel tanks emptied by unscrupulous thieves who within a short time can empty the tank completely. With the rising prices of oil supplies escalating, the cost to re-fill these heating tanks can well run into hundreds of pounds, so it's well worth heeding the advice from the Police.

Thieves have been stealing oil from domestic fuel tanks

They warn home-owners and all those that use this type of fuel for heating to be vigilant and keep a look out for any signs of a break-in to their fuel tanks, as this could well lead to a serious problems, especially to the elderly who depend on this to keep warm with oil fired central heating. During the cold spell homes in Goudhurst, Shoreham, and Eynsford, near Sevenoaks and more recently from Hever Road, Edenbridge, have been targeted and their whole supply of fuel stolen from tanks in their gardens.

Crime Prevention Officers in Kent have offered some very good advice to all those who have these tanks on their property, how they can be security concious by planting some trees or large bushy shrubs around the tanks, perhaps a steel mesh cover or cage can be fitted to disguise it, thus hiding them from view to those who drive past looking for the ideally situated fuel tanks to steal from. No-one wants to suddenly find that their heating has shut down especially during these still cold conditions that still are with us. This type of fuel is expensive and easy for the thieves to drain in a short time with the necessary equipment, the simple yet effective advice given is to fit a heavy duty padlock on the valve or tap, or fit a loud audible alarm that is triggered off when the fuel supply drops below a certain level.

These items may well deter the prospective thieves who have spotted your fuel tank, some of these items are relatively cheap to buy, to fit an alarm may be expensive but once the tank is empty and the thieves gone, the cost to re-fill the tank may well outweigh the cost of a padlock or alarm! 

Many thefts are in isolated locations and carried out at night and therefore all the more need for added security not only for your home but for your outside...Fuel Tank!

There are a number of websites that gives sound advice on protecting your fuel tank or you can get information and advice from your local neighbourhood police officer.

But if you have any suspicions especially at night don't go out and intervene, be on the safe side -  

"Call Your Local Police"


Anyone with any information about these incidents are asked to please contact police on 01732 379217 or Call Kent Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.