Thu Jan 21 2021 
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Local Council scheme
Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is recruiting on-call fire firefighters and you could be just the person that we are looking for! On-call firefighters come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and from all walks of life – office workers, beauticians, farmers, bankers, builders, stay-at-home-parents. It doesn’t matter whether you are already working or not, KFRS wants to hear from you if you are: At least 18 years old / Have a good all round level of fitness / Live or work within five minutes of one of the recruiting on-call fire stations and Able to offer the hours we need to deal with the risk in your area
On-call firefighters are paid to be available for an agreed number of hours. During that time you can go about your normal activity at home or work, until your pager goes off, then you must be able to drop what you are doing and become a professional firefighter. Depending on the type of cover you give, you may respond from home/and or work, day and/or night anywhere so long as you can get to the fire station within five minutes.
KFRS Director of Operations, Sean Bone-Knell, said: “Firefighting can be unpredictable, rewarding and exciting but you will also have the satisfaction and respect that comes with providing a vital service to your local community. “You will be saving lives, reducing risks and will be there when people need you, responding to a wide range of emergency situations including fires, road crashes, floods, chemical spills, medical emergencies and more.”
All KFRS’ firefighters are highly trained professionals and on-call crews get the same first class training as their full time colleagues. You will use the same equipment and do the same job, while learning a wide range of new transferable skills that can help in your full time job or other areas of your life, such as: fire safety, first aid and trauma care, health and safety, Sean ended: "Team work is a major part of being a firefighter, you will also need to be quick thinking, have good communication skills and be able to keep calm in difficult situations. We are looking for people who are motivated, reliable and committed to helping keep people safe."
If you believe you are up for the challenge and have what it takes to be one of KFRS’ everyday heroes, check out our website for details including recruitment criteria.