Doodle Bugs Bomb Alley
Fri Jan 22 2021 
Kentish Towns
Doodlebugs over “Bomb Alley”

Doodlebug or V1 Flying Bomb

It was a day to remember in the history of Kent today, as this marks the first time in history that England was invaded by "rockets".

D-Day had only been in operation for just seven days before the people of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, and Dorset, would feel the terrifying effects of the first flying bombs to be launched against England.


The war was going very badly for the Nazi's, Hitler was ever more desperate and determined at all costs to exact his revenge on Britain...more so, London.

Hitler's vengeance or “vergeltungswaffen” weapons were aimed directly at the City, from hundreds of launch sites scattered across Northern France, ready and waiting for the order to "fire".

In Hitler's last attempts to destroy the Capital, which he hated vehemently, he gave the order for the new terror weapons to be launched, this would herald a new era in ariel warfare, never experienced before.

Sixty five years ago today, the sound of the most frightful secret weapon the world had ever seen headed for England from the depths of the forests in the Pas-de-Calais area of France, bringing death and destruction to those in "Bomb Alley" and London.

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 13th, 1944, at approximately 04.00am, those on special duties keeping watch for enemy aircraft along the South coast were the Royal Observer Corps crew manning their post in Dymchurch, Kent,.

They were shocked and mystified at this strange shaped object heading towards them, coupled with the strange sound it emitted, passing over them at a speed beyond belief. They immediately phoned their H. Q. to inform them of a “Cat One” or an un-indentified flying object, heading towards London.

The day had arrived for those in “Bomb Alley”, the first ones to feel and experience the utter terror and destruction of the V1.

The unimaginably strange sound of something high above echoed across the countryside of Kent, leaving the men of the Royal Observer Corps in Dymchurch, in utter disbelief as to what is was.

The Launch Platform for the V1

The absolute sheer terror that this missile would bring to those below, was that once the engine cut-out, which was regulated by its fuel capacity, the huge rocket would fall to earth.

In less than ten seconds it would strike the ground and explode in a huge fireball, the terror was that no-one knew where it would strike.


There was no hope for those where it fell, as the one-tonne high-explosive warhead destroyed everything in the vicinity.

High above the suburbs of South-east London the deadly V1 ran out of fuel, the signal for its descent to earth. For the inhabitants of one street in Bromley, who were the very first people in Britain to feel and see the horrific effects of this Hitler's new secret weapon, it completely destroyed the houses where it fell, bringing total destruction and death.

The V1, flying bomb, buzz bomb, or doodlebug, as it was nicknamed,was notoriously inaccurate in hitting the specified target, none-the-less, the fearful sound of the flying bomb would soon strike terror into the hearts of the people in “Bomb Alley” and those that lived within the range of their intended target, London.

There was in fact hardly any village, parish, or town in Kent that was not hit by these terror weapons, the sacrifice of lives and the terrible destruction that the V1 caused to the people of Kent, Surrey, and Sussex to save London, is still to this day remembered with such animosity that will will take a lifetime to forget.

This was only the beginning for the people of “Bomb Alley” and London, a greater terror was to come...Far more deadly and silent, with a massive destructive force unimaginable to mankind at that time, during the last days of World War Two.

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